Happy Earth Day Poster and Drawings, Save the Earth, Save the Planet

Earth Day is an annual event that is observed globally.  Every year it is observed on 22 April. Earth Day is an international event celebrated by people across the globe for supporting a cleaner and greener earth.  The main motto of this international and secular observance is to fight against the policy and human behavior that harms the earth.

On 22 April 1970, Senator Gaylord Nelson organized first Earth day to protest against the policies of industries. Millions of American came up on the streets and demanded action against the environmental pollution created by industries and factories in the name of development.

Happy Earth Day

Later on, Earth Day went global and now it has become an international event. On this day you can put an environmental issue on the world stage.

The emphasis is on protecting the environment and promoting harmony with nature. Various rallies and events are organized to spread awareness among people.  Apart from this various eco-friendly activities are performed like picking up the trash, cleaning beaches, locality, planting trees, awareness programs, recycling activities, earth day drawing, and poster competitions etc

Earth is our home and deserves to be clean and free from all the type of pollution. We, humans, are the only reason behind every environmental issue and only we are the one who can protect it.

Earth Day Poster and Drawing

Earth day themed poster and drawing competition is one of the common activities that are performed on the occasion day. Various earth day posters making competition and activities are organized across various countries for the people of all the age groups.

Earth Day Poster

Earth day poster and drawing activities are inspiring and spread awareness among people. The motive of these activities is to aware people and generates a sense of belonging towards the earth in them.

If you have an idea to save the earth and want to spread awareness about it then this earth day communicate it to the world in the form of a poster.

Try to make changes in the world through your actions as even a single step can be the reason for a big change.

Recycle and reuse activities helps to make this earth greener and cleaner.

Earth Day Poster Ideas

Earth Day posters are effective awareness tools. They carry a deep message and people should implement all the things they try to share through a poster on Earth Day.


  • Earth is melting… save it

Earth is Melting Save it

  • Take a pledge to save the earth

Take a pledge to save the earth

  • Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

  • Let’s get together


  • One Earth, One Life, One Chance




  • The last birthday

World Earth Day

  • Just hug the trees


  • The message here is so deep and sad at the same time

What day is Earth Day

  • People, Planet, Peace

Happy Earth Day Quotes

  • Make Earth your playmate, Do not play with Earth

Save Earth Poster

Earth Day poster for students

Students are the future of every nation and therefore they need to be taught about the importance of earth so that they can save it.

Do not ignore students as their little hands can do big things. The only need is to provide the right information and proper guidance.


Take inspiration from the given Earth Day poster for students and let them create their own posters for Earth Day. To make it more powerful do not forget to add a slogan.

  • Save the earth for what it’s worth

Save Earth Banners


  • Shades of Green

Shades of Green

  • Save earth because we only have one Earth

Save earth Slogans

  • Bring our Missing Children home

Save Earth Drawing


  • Stop Global Warming and Save Earth

Stop Global Warming


  • Help our Earth get better

Save Earth Paintings

  • Wake up before its get too late….

Earth Day Future Posters

  • It can be the difference

Save Planet Earth

  • Save Planet Earth

Green Earth Posters

  • For 200 years we have been conquering nature and now we are beating it to Death

Earth Day Saving Slogans

Earth Day poster with slogan

A slogan plays an important role in making a poster speak more about the topic. Similarly, an Earth Day poster with a creative and powerful slogan could be more inspiring.

Have a look at some of the inspiring Earth Day poster with slogan-

  • We the biggest enemy of the earth

Enemy of Earth

  • Litter makes the planet bitter…. STOP LITTERING!!!

Earth Day When

  • There is no planet B, so stick to planet A, Be Ecologic


There is no Planet B


  • A Beautiful world starts with you

Beautiful Earth Day Posters

  • Dare to be a force of nature


Force of Nature

  • Save the trees today or the future will be stumped

Save the Trees Posters

  • The more you burn the less you earn

Saving Earth Posters

  • We are committing suicide

We are killing Earth Posters

  • Heal the Earth, Heal our Future

Heal the Earth Image

  • Respect your elders…. and Oaks, and Pines and Maples

Respect Trees Picture

Earth Day poster for coloring

Have kids and want them to participate in Earth day activities, and then ask them to make some posters about what they think about the Earth. Educate them about the changing situation of earth and also teach them that how they can save Earth through a single step.

You can take help of the given Earth day poster for coloring. Download these posters and let them enjoy the fun of coloring.

  • Earth Day

Earth Day Coloring Pages

  • Reduce Recycle Reuse Restore Replenish

Reduce Recycle Reuse Restore Replenish

  • Every day is an earth day

 Happy Earth Day Colouring Images

  • Join hands to save the earth

 Lets Save the Earth Images

  • Save trees, Save Earth

Save Trees Save Earth Coloring Page

  • Don’t be trashy

Dont Be Trashy Photo

  • Happy Recycling

Happy Recycling Image

  • Plant a tree

Tree Planting Image

Save earth poster drawing

Also, have a look at some save earth poster drawing-

  • Save Earth… Save Nature

Save Earth Save Nature

  • Save our Earth

Save our Earth Poster

  • It’s time to save the Earth. Don’t let our Future go up in smoke

Time to Save Earth Painting

  • Save Environment, Save Earth


Pollution and Earth Posters


  • Save fuel for a better earth

 Save Fuel for Better Environment

If we want our children and future generation to have a safe future we need to think and act right now for the betterment of earth. Before it gets too late save this beautiful planet.

It is high time and everybody needs to think and act positively for saving the earth. A powerful poster with a deep message and slogan can act as a tool to save this planet.

So this Earth Day take some time and spread awareness through posters and drawing and contribute in a noble cause.

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